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19 Mar

Keyboard Shortcut to Go To Formula Bar

 To enter formulas in an Excel worksheet, just select a cell and start typing. To edit an existing formula, you probably make changes in the Formula bar (above the column headings) which you can access with a click of the mouse. That method’s fine but some people (like me) prefer working with the keyboard as much as possible. If that describes you, press the [F2] function key instead of reaching for the mouse the next time you want to edit an existing formula.

Excel Shortcuts for Editing a Cell

When you use [F2] to edit a cell, by default, [F2] positions the cursor in the cell (for “in place editing”) instead of the Formula bar. To change the [F2] function key so it moves directly to the Formula bar:

Excel 2007:

  • Click the Office button and then pick Excel Options (at the bottom right).
  • Select Advanced in the left pane.
  • Uncheck the Allow editing directly in cell option. OK to apply.

Excel 2010:

  •  Click the File tab and then pick Options (at the left).
  • Select Advanced in the left pane.
  • Uncheck the Allow editing directly in cell option. OK to apply.

Turn Formula AutoComplete on or off

Click the Microsoft Office Button , click Excel Options, and then click the Formulas category.

Under Working with formulas, select or clear Formula AutoComplete.

TIP   You can also press ALT+DOWN ARROW.

Enter an item from the drop-down list by using an insert trigger

 As you are typing a formula, even after using an insert trigger, don’t forget to type the closing parenthesis for a function, closing bracket for a table reference, or closing quotation mark for an MDX text string.

To insert the selected item into the formula and put the insertion point directly after it, press TAB, or double-click the item.

Hope this would help you to make your work more faster. Feel free to drop mails at

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