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Why do we see the particular adds on Facebook?

Facebook wants to show us ads that will be interesting and relevant to us. Here is some of the info that might be used to do this:
1. Information that we have added about our self, like our current city, sex, age, relationship status, jobs or schools
2. Interests that we have listed in our profile (timeline) and the Pages and groups we are connected to
3. Actions we take on Facebook, like the Pages or Groups we visit or the apps that we use.  Keywords from our posts and status updates. This is done using an automated system. No one at Facebook reads our posts.
4. Note that including more content on our profile (timeline) that relates to our interests may improve the relevance or focus of the Facebook Ads we are looking at.

How this works:

Facebook has created ad clusters (ex: sports lover, moviegoer, etc. ) that advertisers can use to target their ads. For example, a theater might want to target moviegoers and we might be a member of the moviegoer cluster if we have Liked a number of Pages associated with movies and if we mention movie in your posts.

Advertisers can also target their ads based on topics and keywords. For example, an advertiser can target their ads to the topic Sports and anyone on Facebook who Likes anything sports-related may see those ads. Or, can use a keyword, like The Sound of Music, which will cause the ad to be shown to Facebook members who have specifically liked The Sound of Music Page or added it as an interest on their timeline.
As always, none of our information is shared with advertisers. All ad targeting is performed by an automated system. Advertisers are also not able to see any information about the people who view or click on their ads.


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Run Free E-mail Campaign : Use MS Office

Mail-merge is one of the most useful facilities offered by MS Office. It is the joining together of two sources of information into a single document, usually a list of names and a standard letter/mail to whom a personalized copy of the letter/mail must be sent. This is most commonly done in creating address labels or creating a form letter and most importantly running mail campaign. Only certain details on the mail/letter will change, like having the same mail addressed to a number of different people.

Mail-merge happens with the help of 3 tools i.e. MS Word, MS Excel, MS outlook. Write the body of the mail in word, insert senders list in the form of excel, send mails through outlook. This is the best way to run free mail campaigns.

How to run mail-merge please click here.

How to handle “bounced back” emails or “unsubscribed” emails

Create few rules in your outlook for different mail groups. For Ex, if the subject line contains “unsubscribe” then push all the mails to a new folder named “Unsubscribed”. Similarly the same can be done for bounced back emails.

In case of mail campaigns you can expect at least 7-10% bounced mails. It means if you are running a campaign of 50K mails, then you can have 3k to 5k bounced mails and few subscriptions. Now it’s the tough time to handle to bounced mail IDs and unsubscribed mail IDs.

Now let’s understand how to handle these bulk bounced mails. Outlook provides an option to export all the mails from a particular folder into an excel sheet. We’ll use this to extract the data into the excel sheet.

It’ll export all the details to an excel sheet. The sheet looks somewhat similar to this.

You’ll find the bounced email IDs from this message in the form of

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at

 I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.

 This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.

<>: does not like rec


So now our task is to extract only the email IDs so that we can remove these email IDs from out database for our future mail campaigns with more accuracy.

=FIND(“<“,A17) =FIND(“>”,A17) =C17+1 =D17-E17 =MID(A17,E17,F17)

Now your excel sheet will look like this:

Now easily we can remove these emai IDs from our database.




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Animated Power Point to Video

Don’t you want to know how to create a documentary or an animated Power Point which will grab the attention of the audience in a very unique way?

It’s very easy in MS Power Point 2010. Let’s learn how it works. Check the below PPT for your reference.

Click to download the PPT

Animated PPT

Create the movements of shapes by animations in Power points and save it giving transition time for each slide. check this out once before going ahead.

Then just convert this power Point into .wmv format.

File  >> Save as   >> .wmv format

Hope this helps you in making small animated videos. Please feel free to drop doubts on

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Catchy Resumes : Small Handy Tips

Here are few points to make the resume more catchy with the same content.

Recruiters prefer people to send them PDF resume’s because it looks the same on the screen and easier to be printed out. They like PDF because they are like pictures, they load fast. Word is completely acceptable, but it shows some formatting queues can be distracting. Especially with tables.

Recruiters recommend to use PDF when possible, and use tables and lists, bullet points etc. The resume should be a presentation of you with a modern layout. Not just a list of bullets along the left side.

MS Word to PDF

PDFs offer more certainty. Senders don’t have to worry about what version of the software the recipient has, or their default software or printer settings that might alter my formatting. PDFs are also compressed by definition, which makes the files smaller, and I use the ‘reduce file size’ feature to compress further, if necessary.

It’s also recommended that resumes should be in an alternate ‘scannable’ format, for use when uploading to a website or sending to a company that might use scanning software.

If the company or job board has specific instructions about file format, then please follow their instructions.

 It’s very easy to convert MS Word to PDF

File >> Save As >>   and look at the above image.

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SEO !!! Matters !!!

Why SEO Matters !!!

Every client likes to save money while getting great results from search engine optimization. But by always looking to save money on SEO, you’ll take your eye off the more important issue of intelligently allocating your marketing budget across various tactics, of which, SEO is often the most cost effective.

SEO isn’t simple or easy. Google itself rates websites based on over 200 ranking criteria – and keeps tweaking the algorithm constantly, up to 600 times in a year.

So if an ‘expert’ takes one look at your site and quotes you a “complete price” for SEO, run for the hills (or at least exercise extreme caution). Sure, they may fix some glaring weaknesses, or help you pick the low hanging fruit – but deep and lasting SEO is about a lot more than that.

Simple ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ packages don’t work for SEO. SEO isn’t something you install or plug in to your website. It’s not a ‘one-time’ operation. Good SEO is a process. Research and planning are critical components of it.

Analogy #1: SEO Is Like Buying a Car, Your Price Will Match Your Needs

Susan asked me, the SEO Engineer,” I still want to know what it will cost to get my site optimized for search engines”. How much does SEO cost?”

I asked her, “How much does it cost to buy a car?”

Susan was a little confused. “Why, that depends.

“Exactly” I said.  “The price you’ll pay for a car will depend on the make and model, its size and purpose, where you’ll drive it, and with whom. A sturdy station wagon for your family will be priced differently from a sports car you want to show-off!”

SEO services also range in price depending on what you want from it. The best SEO strategy begins by evaluating needs and problems of your prospective clients. It then deploys SEO as a magnet to attract only the most relevant leads out of the vast ocean of online Web surfers.

Setting up your website to do this effectively and well isn’t easy. Building laser focused landing pages targeted at sub-segments of your audience can draw a flood of relevant traffic that converts nicely into customers. But getting this right takes time and resources.

There’s nothing “turnkey” or “standard” about this kind of SEO. You can’t buy it, install it, and sit back. It is dynamic and constantly evolving. The ranking signals are in constant flux, and are impacted by various external factors, not just on-site ones.

Analogy #2: SEO Is Like An Iceberg, Mainly Hidden But With Massive Impact

It is said 90% of the mass of an iceberg is under the water, hidden from view. SEO is just the same.

While you might see only the attractive top ranking on Google as the impact of your SEO, there are a hundred unseen elements at play, all working in concert to deliver the collective impact of intelligent optimization.

Like icebergs, SEO has some serious risks to balance the great opportunities it creates. Boats, ships, cruisers and even ocean liners have run aground on hidden rocks under the sea. And countless businesses have paid a steep price for wrongly executed SEO campaigns.

SEO is well known to be one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. For this reason, SEO should have a larger budget. Yet even after Web analytics data prove beyond doubt that SEO is the absolute winner at driving more traffic, many companies pay little attention to it.

Analogy #3:  SEO Is Like a Dam – Open Flood Gates & Traffic Just Keeps Flowing

Dams across massive rivers store water. Think about search engines like Google as huge dams that store your targeted visitors, and your listing on SERPs (search engine results pages) as holes in the dam. Punch enough of them, and you’ll be drowned in a flood of traffic!

That’s a great reason to start optimizing your website right now – and not take it in small steps, but go for a massive overhaul. No matter what niche you are involved in, there are ‘evergreen’ search phrases with the potential to drive a large amount of traffic to your website for years. And this traffic is free! It will continue without any dent in your ongoing or proposed marketing budget.

An extensive e-commerce website with thousands of products for sale will have prospective buyers with totally (or at least slightly) different tastes and needs. Optimizing your site for each of them is important.  The text on your site, the visual appearance, the products and services you present to them – all need to fit into the concept of an “ideal solution” that your visitor has in his or her mind.

If you add value to their lives based on uniquely individual needs, you will boost sales.

SEO is about becoming a detective, a hunter, an explorer. You’re out looking for opportunities hidden inside the psychology of your prospects and customers. This is a mindset that’s totally foreign to an IT manager, server administrator, programmer, Web designer or other technician. If you want to put food on the table, hire a hunter!

Article has been modified and reproduced here. Original author is

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Does your social networking profile look like professional?

                                   Just because LinkedIn/face book offers us lots of applications to share all sorts of information, that does not mean we’ll keep on using that. Quite frankly, many of the extra things they offer are nothing to do with our career or business, and might actually be hurting our online presence.

Few things which can be taken care while going online on social media…

“Use Your Head and Listen to Your Gut”

If you even think something shouldn’t be in your profile, or seems like “too much,” then don’t include it. Trust your gut, and if you can, try looking at your profile from a hiring manager or overworked recruiter’s perspective when you start make edits to your profile.

To get you started, here are a few edits worth considering:

 In case of LinkedIn, refine Your Recommendations List. Ask the expert or coach to help you reduce the number of recommendations you’re including on your profile. You don’t have to include them all. Only display those that are most relevant to your current goals and definitely rethink including those from former colleagues that were only peers, or those painfully generic or unsolicited ones. For example, I wouldn’t display this one from an office admin from a past job.

Ex: “Sandy’s a true professional. She always worked hard to keep her clients happy and often offered a helping hand to others when her schedule allowed. She was also usually the first to hold an elevator door for a coworker.”

 Display fewer groups: Are you a joiner? Take a good hard look at the number of groups you have displayed in your profile. LinkedIn allows you to be a member of up to 25 groups, but you do not need to share them all with anyone that looks at your profile. Think about displaying only those that are relevant to your industry or profession or reinforce your brand.

Include Your Best Publications and Papers. Limit yourself to the best of your best when including white papers or published articles. Most career related folks don’t ask for these things until you’re near the final rounds of interviewing, and even then, they’ll only want those relevant to the job or industry.

 Beware How You Are Found. Keep the “Events” shown to only those relevant to your profession or industry. And, even then, use discretion and the less is more idea.

Feel free to put comments or suggestons at

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seminar on SAM-VRIDDHI- Industry Institute Interaction

Seminar on “SAM-VRIDHHI, Partenering progress” conducted of Bangalore Chambers of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) on 11th Jan 2012 was a huge learning point for all the academicians to bridge the gap between industry and institute.

BCIC’s attempt to create an interface between these two entities is worth of creating a revolution in the current students generation to lead the most advancing country of the world.

For more details please visit    The Maverick

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