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Solve LPP – MS Excel Solver

Ex: This example describes how to solve a set of three linear equations with three variables. Here’s an example of a set of linear equations:

4x + y -2z =0

2x – 3y +3z =9

-6x -2y +z = 0

The question that Solver will answer is What values of x, y, and z satisfy all three equations?

Let’s Understand the solution.

The following image shows a workbook set up to solve this problem. This workbook has three named cells,

which makes the formulas more readable:

x: C11

y: C12

z: C13

The three named cells are all initialized to 1 (which certainly doesn’t solve the equations).

Solver will attempt to solve this series of linear equations.

The three equations are represented by formulas in the range B6:B8:

B6: =(4*x)+(y)-(2*z)

B7: =(2*x)-(3*y)+(3*z)

B8: =-(6*x)-(2*y)+(z)

These formulas use the values in the x, y, and z named cells. The range C6:C8 contains the

“desired” result for these three formulas.

Solver will adjust the values in x, y, and z — that is, the changing cells in C11:C13 — subject to

these constraints:




Note: This problem doesn’t have a target cell because it’s not trying to maximize or minimize anything. However, the Solver Parameters dialog box insists that you specify a formula for the Set Target Cell field. Therefore, just enter a reference to any cell that has a formula.

The following image shows the solution. The x (0.75), y (–2.0), and z (0.5) values satisfy all three equations.

Hope, this helped you. Feel free to drop a comment or mail.


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Puzzle Master – 2

Here are 9 points placed in 3 rows and 3 columns. You can draw only straight lines. You need to connect all the nine points. Try to connect all the points with as less lines as possible.

Puzzle Master - 2


Possible Answers:

a) 6

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

e) 7

Please reply by putting the answer as well as the description or the image for justifying your answer.


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Puzzle Master – 1

Below is an image. You have to make it into maximum possible number of pieces. You have only four straight lines. You can only make use of only four lines.  You can correlate these four lines to four “cuts”i.e. four times you can “cut” it.


Magic Image



Possible Answers:

a)     10

b)     12

c)      14

d)     16

e)     18

Please reply by putting the answer as well as the description or the image for justifying your answer.

think and begin

think & begin



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